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tree four seasonsColorful tree of four seasons during the meeting

Let Us Set Free the Healing Energy of Christ April 5–7, 2013

We gathered for the annual Area Assembly in Vermicino on April 5-7, 2013. This year the Assembly symbol was a tree, which, as we discovered, shares some elements with the human person. A tree has roots that -- like our feet -- ground us on the earth; it grows, nourishes itself, and transforms its food into sap; it breathes. With its branches, it stretches upward. It is the sign of a union between earth and sky, humanity and divinity. For us as Christians it is the symbol of the cross; it has given us the greatest fruit: Jesus, the Savior.

Sr. Anna presented to the gathering the report about our life together during the years of her leadership term, reviewing the hopes identified by the Congregational Strategic Plan. It was an opportunity to contemplate and give praise to God for what has been offered by each one of us during this time.

We chose to devote Friday afternoon to Reflection II in preparation for the Chapter. There was exchange and sharing among the Sisters and the Associates. We felt the presence of the Spirit working among us.

aai 08Father Massimo with Srs. Antonietta and Sr. Marina Saturday morning was devoted to formation: Brother Massimo Fusarelli, ofm, gave a lecture entitled, “Francis and Clare: Witnesses of Faith and Freedom.” Going over the story of St. Francis and St. Clare, Brother Massimo emphasized the idea of “learning to believe” -- about what believing means, today, in the 21st century.

Learning to believe is a journey of response-ability (i.e., the ability to respond).

The journey he proposed includes three stages:

1. "Listening to our Fears" to accept ourselves.

2. "Rediscovering our Deep Identity" to let surface what we desire without feeling guilty about it.

3. "Accepting one’s Weakness as a Personal Resource" to accept one’s weakness means to elevate one’s humanity.

There was a very lively and involved exchange among us after this presentation.

altCelebration of the 25th Jubilees of Sr. Gianna and Sr. Carla


In the afternoon, the Assembly unfolded separately for Sisters and Associates. Time was devoted to an exchange on some important themes for us.

At the Liturgy on Sunday, we remembered the 25th anniversary of the vows of Sr. Gianna Giovannangeli and Sr. Carla Casadei. The Assembly concluded with some communications from Sr. Anna. During the final thanksgiving prayer, each community was gifted with a bonsai tree, a living symbol of carrying the Assembly forward into our daily lives.



aai 04Beautifully decorated meeting room aai 06Group work at the tables

aai 05Moment in the meeting room aai 03Sr. Francesca, Sebastiano and Sr. Regina

aai 02Srs. Clara and Cinzia presenting the bonsai tree

 Sr. Monica Stasi, sfp

Published: May 13, 2013