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On the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the Sfp Associates, some of them wanted to share the fruit of this transforming journey. In this year in the US Area celebrate Jubilees:


Mary Dahlinghaus               35 years
James Flynn                      35 years
George and Anne Raab       35 years
Molly Johantgen                 15 years
John Pack                         10 years
Fr. Mika Paraniuk               10 years


They represent 155 years of faithfulness and dedication to the mission and charism of the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor. 

thedivin 01Reaching out to the Poor
Jim Flynn has been a faithful and fervent Associate for 35 years. He continues living his covenant as an Associate of the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor in a variety of ways. He keeps in touch by attending gatherings of the Sisters and Associates when possible and by reading what is sent via email.
He prays for those Sisters and Associates who are still with us HERE and TO those who have gone before us to God, asking their help.
Each Christmas he continues to recruit donations in order to purchase Christmas gifts – shoes, shirts, socks, etc. – for the poor at Chips, a practice that goes back to his early days as a Co-member. Jim brings God’s LOVE to all those he encounters in his everyday life.

Doing small things with great love
When asked to become Associates 35 years ago, George and Anne Raab were honored and humbled and wondered how they could walk this path with the Sisters and what they could do to make a significant difference in other’s lives. Their sponsor, the late Sr. Margie, told them to do what they could wherever they were, with love and with prayer. “Do small things with great love” are words they have tried to heed in whatever opportunity presented itself.

thedivin 02Anne has tried to heed those words by using her knowledge and skills by working with children with disabilities, being on the Chips board, teaching CCD and volunteering for many church and community projects over the years. On a daily basis, she tried to do small acts of kindness. She is always happy to offer support and hospitality to the SFP’s and delighted to come together with them in celebrations, workshops and retreats.

thedivin 03Anne is so happy in her lifetime to be a SFP Associate, and she hopes to BE more in living the charism of St. Francis, of Mother Frances and the SFPs.

Over the past 35 years, the SFP way of life has had a profound impact on George’s life. He became more sensitive to the needs of others as he began by making donations, praying and attending SFP events. As time went on, he was given the opportunity to serve on the SFP Foundation Board, as well as the Chips Board. Presently he schedules time for spiritual growth and development by attending daily Mass, reading religious articles and books, and listening to religious CD’s while in the car. He also tries to be a good example of Franciscan values to those who are close to him. He strives to defend what is true, just, and fair and hopes he is merciful in the process.

As he reflects on his years of life, he says he feels so fortunate to have an amazing wife and been gifted with five beautiful children. He is also grateful for having the honor of being associated with the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor.

thedivin 04Seeing Jesus in everyone I meet
Molly Johantgen made her first covenant on June 28, 2001 and her permanent covenant on August 30, 2009. Over the past 15 years Molly has keep the SFP charism alive in her daily life, especially, while working and ministering at Christ Hospital.

Molly first met the Sisters in activities such as the annual yard sale and saw how the sisters interacted with everyone. They were so warm and welcoming. At that time they had recently sold the hospitals in Cincinnati and I could easily relate to their mission and charism as a nurse myself.
As an associate I try to live my covenant promise and to be a positive reflection of the SFP sisters. The associate program gives me an opportunity to grow in my faith and give expression to helping the poor.
Molly sees the charism regularly when she is working at the Franciscan Peddler Thrift Shop. It is in the actions of the sisters, associates and volunteers who are willing to spend their time and talent to provide products for those who can't afford much and a positive experience no matter if they purchase anything or just come to get a warm smile and a listening ear.

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Published: September 26, 2016



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